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The Alexander Technique and Music

The Alexander Technique is as vital to musicians as a tuning is to an instrument. They go hand and hand; and, the difference can be striking.

Muscles are attached to joints at either ends of the bone and stretch through the joints to produce movement just like elastic. Because of excess tension we often find ourselves gripping and tightening instead of stretching and releasing. The Alexander Technique restores balance to the body by removing excess tension caused by gripping and holding which throws the head of balance. Tension restricts the diaphragm and ribs and interferes with breathing. Tension also restricts the flow of rhythm and the sound vibration of the music.

We are looking for balanced tension throughout the body. Balanced tension feels effortless. Anything not balanced would create excess tension which causes the body to work too hard and a feeling of effort.

In music, your intension stimulates a series of reflexes that is organized through the minds ear.

The intention in your mind stimulates reflexes to produce a balanced tension throughout the body. The whole body stretches through the joints to create the space for energy to flow. The right amount of energy is created by an even distribution of stretch throughout the body. This is using your whole self. The mind, body and music become seamless.

Stretching and toning the muscles within us is not unlike tuning the strings of an instrument. What we want to do is tune ourselves - that's the technique of all technique. In this way the music can flow through you and you are not forcing it out of you. Music is filtered through us if there are no blocks or tension to prevent its flow.

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