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Carol Kenney, M.AmSAT
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Carol Kenney

Carol Kenney

I am a graduate of the Dimon Institute of the Alexander Technique, and have been a certified teacher by the American Society for the Alexander Technique since 2001. I also studied Musical Performance at Rivier College and have been teaching piano for 27 years. I now incorporate the Alexander Technique in my piano lessons as well.

I have been teaching the Alexander Technique for ten years, and more recently am teaching the technique at the Seacoast Academy of Music in North Hampton, New Hampshire.

I first heard about the Technique through the Music Teachers Association because of its value in performance and stress related activities. Because of a re-occurring pain in my neck and arm, I decided to take lessons which not only corrected my problem, but transformed my playing, my teaching, and my life.

I feel very blessed to be working in two fields that I love so much and I am very grateful to be able to share this knowledge with others.

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