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Carol Kenney, M.AmSAT
Alexander Technique

Move up in the world physically, mentally and spiritually.

The Alexander Technique returns the body to its natural state of alertness, stimulates natural reflexes and reawakens the kinesthetic sense. Fostering the ability to think before reacting, the technique has the rewarding benefit of freeing us from the chains of unconscious impulses and habits. .

Through lessons, you will be taught how the body was designed to move and restore a dynamic balance of opposing parts throughout the body. This balanced tension frees the body from unnecessary tension and restores coordination and poise.

Alexander Technique
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Alexander Technique
Lessons in New Hampshire
with Carol Kenney

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  • Coordination and balance
  • Self-knowledge and self-control
  • Freedom to change unwanted habits
  • A natural state of alertness
  • Effortless performance

  • Tension and malcoordination
  • Chronic pain and arthritis
  • Breathing disorders
  • Stress related disorders
  • Depression and anxiety

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